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pizzazz n : the activeness of an energetic personality [syn: dynamism, pizzaz, oomph, zing]

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  1. (uncountable) Flair, zest, or vitality; vigor; energy.
    The show had a lot of pizzazz, with glittering costumes and upbeat music.

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Pizzazz is the fifth album by R&B/Pop singer Patrice Rushen. While she was attacked for leaving the jazz genre, Rushen was able to get a good fan base with R&B/Pop audience. Rushen's profile in the R&B world continued to increase with Pizzazz, her second album for Elektra Records and fifth overall.
Pizzazz was her second highest charting album, reaching #39 in 1979. It features the hit single "Haven't You Heard". The single soared to the top of R&B radio play lists and is among Rushen's biggest hits. Many listeners who never heard of Rushen bought Pizzazz because of "Haven't You Heard?," and they quickly discovered that the rest of the album was also excellent.
With this album Patrice drew on such influences as Earth, Wind & Fire, Minnie Riperton, Stevie Wonder, and the Emotions. Rushen was able get the R&B lover's attention with songs such as the funky opener "Let the Music Take Me," the soulful ballad "Settle for My Love," and the perky "Keepin' Faith in Love." Pizzazz received plenty of verbals attacks from jazz critics accused Rushen as a traitor, but from an R&B/Pop perspective, the album is considered one of Rushen's most rewarding and essential albums.
The album cut "Settle For My Love" was covered by R&B singer Musiq Soulchild on his 2000 debut album Aijuswanaseing.
Her next album to be released would be Posh.

Track listing

  1. "Let The Music Take Me" (Patrice Rushen, Sheree Brown) - 6:51
  2. "Keepin' Faith In Love" (P. Rushen, Angela Rushen) - 4:08
  3. "Settle for My Love" (P. Rushen, Freddie Washington, Brown) - 5:15
  4. "Message In The Music" (P. Rushen) - 3:01
  5. "Haven't You Heard" (P. Rushen, Charles Mims Jr., Washington, Brown) - 6:45
  6. "Givin' It Up Is Givin' Up" (P. Rushen, Washington, A. Rushen) - 4:59
  7. "Call On Me" (P. Rushen, A. Rushen, Brown) - 6:48
  8. "Reprise" (P. Rushen) - 0:57

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